Wednesday, April 1, 2009

She didn't forget

I was afraid that after talking to my wife on Monday, she'd just go back to same old same old and that it wouldn't make an impression. Last night she showed me in several little ways that I needn't be afraid.

She let me know via IM that she was having a rough day, so I offered to help getting dinner ready even though she normally likes to do that. I thought it would just be nicer for her to come home and have one less thing to worry about. She took me up on it and I was able to have dinner ready and a glass of wine poured when she got home. She said she was grateful and even suggested that she may be letting me make dinner more in the future.

Then while we were sipping wine after eating and talking about her day at the office and the baby's day, I got up and walked over behind her and started massaging her shoulders. After a groan of pleasure, she said to the baby, "You should definitely grow up to be a career woman, little girl. It is the life."

After dinner, while we watched a little TV I massaged her feet which we both love and hadn't been able to do for week while we had a houseguest. Then she said she wanted a bath. I hopped up and ran one for her and put the baby down to sleep, which was mercifully easy. She was a little drunk and was just enjoying a hot, tipsy soak. I say at the side of the bath and stroked and rubbed her calves and thighs.

It wasn't much, but it was wonderful. If she liked it as well as I did, and I think she did, I'd be glad to do that five nights a week. I love her so much.

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