Thursday, April 16, 2009


First off, I should mention that from here on I'll be referring to my wife as MissusB. She picked this name for herself for online use that has to do with FLR.

Ok, last night I waxed MissusB's legs for the first time. It was similar to my expectations. I didn't especially enjoy the process for its own sake, but I was glad to be doing it for her. The unpleasantness was mainly from being unsure of what I was doing and from hurting her. The hurting part is kind of inevitable, but it will take some getting used to. I very much enjoyed rubbing the soothing gel and the oil on after, since those seemed to feel nice for her. This morning, she asked me how her legs felt and let me stroke them a bit. They felt wonderful, of course. 

During the leg waxing, MissusB said, "After this we can do our regular foot rub." That was thrilling to hear. It is a thrill that she's willing to have me serve her. It is also gratifying for me when she show's that she understands I'll do what she says even if she doesn't phrase it as a request or leave me room to decline. So, we did our regular foot rub. While I was rubbing, she signed up for SMTR and poked around a bit and we talked about our impressions of the site. At some point during that web browsing and foot rubbing and conversation, she instructed me to take off all my clothes but my boxers. She further instructed that I am to take a photo of myself in my boxers lying on the bed with no face showing and submit it as my user pic on SMTR.

Oh also, yesterday a toy she'd expressed interest in and that I'd ordered finally arrived. It is the Anal Twist. She asked me if my butt was in a good condition for fucking, and I assured her it was. She dropped that for a while then until about an hour later she said, "You're not getting fucked tonight. I know you were hoping to, but no." 

I replied, "I suspected it wouldn't be so easy and that you were going to make me earn in."

MissusB, "Suspected or hoped?" I admitted it had been hope. So, who knows what she'll have me do to earn the use of the new toy.

As fun and exciting as this has been so far and as hopeful as I am of a great success going forward, I'm still struggling to accept that this is truly fun for MissusB. Last night was a big affirmation of that. It is funny, really, this has been something of a theme in our relationship from the beginning. Each of us sometimes just literally can't believe that we've been so lucky as to find each other. 

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  1. I'm happy for you that you are in a "good place" with your wife. Get ready to bend over:)