Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's happening.

My wife and I had a nice conversation last night about expectations. I told her what I had come up with for my homework (see yesterday's post) and she liked it and agreed with everything. I don't think she realized how much teasing and denial I am up for. I tried to clarify. I'm confident she understood, as I'll explain later.

There weren't a lot things she doesn't want that she wanted me to be sure I knew about. She wanted to be sure I would not be afraid to tell her if I thought she was making a mistake about something. I had no intention of depriving her of my thoughts and opinions, so that was fine. She wanted to be sure that we don't do anything that is unnatural to our relationship in pursuit of this. She couldn't be very clear, but seemed to mean that we need to be sure that what we do is stuff we like for its own sake, not because it fits FLR. Then she made me promise to take some time for myself everyday. Then she said, giddily, "I think I am going to have some fun with this."

I feel like we were right in sync. Afterward, I gave her a footrub while we watched a little tv and we went to bed. Our pillow talk was sweet and tender. At one point, though, I asked if there was anything she wanted to change around the house now that she's in charge and she said no. Then she said, "actually, I want you to ask more often for me to fuck your ass." Of course, I agreed and asked right then. She declined and said it wouldn't happen whenever I asked, but that she wants it more. She also said she wants to try stimulating my prostate again. I told her we could do that anytime she'd like.

At this point I was incredibly turned on and she was getting there, too. She asked me to hold her vibrator for her. I hopped to and grabbed it and held it in the spot she likes. Then I pressed myself against her side and stroked her while she moaned and bucked her hips into the vibe. It was a wonderful experience to share with her. After she'd come twice, she switched the toy off. I climbed on top of her, but didn't make any move to enter her. I just kissed and stroked her. She responded by telling me to calm down, and said "not tonight, we need to get some sleep." Then she rolled over and was asleep in a minute.

Needless to say, I was awake a bit longer revelling in the moment and leaking precum all over my belly. Every time I managed to calm down, I'd remember what had just happened and how easy it had seemed for her and how wonderful it felt and I'd be hard all over again. I did eventually get to sleep, though.

When we woke up, she asked me how I felt, in a clear allusion to last night. I said I felt great. She was pleased to hear it and we started off our morning as usual.

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  1. Her MB,

    Wow, I'm glad she took to it so well! Sounds like you guys are off to a great start, best of luck down this road!