Thursday, April 2, 2009

An Accident

I was reading some erotica online yesterday during the day and found myself too excited. I waited very still and it didn't subside and I failed to reel myself back in, so I had an unauthorized orgasm. I told my wife about it last night and she said, "What are we going to have you do to make it up to me?" and then dropped it until bedtime.

Once we were in bed, she told me to tell her all about what had happened. I told her I had been looking at porn and masturbating and that it had gotten away from me. At that point she said, "Show me." Meaning she wanted to watch me stroke myself. I complied, of course.

Then she asked what kind of porn it was. I hesitantly admitted that, ironically, I was reading a story about a man whose girlfriend wouldn't let him orgasm. She asked how I found it and how I decide what porn to look at. I told her it varies and that this time I found it when I was looking at blogs about submissive men and their dominant wives. I swear I was meaning to go slow with this, but I couldn't lie. I was still stroking myself throughout this conversation while she watched from her side of the bed and interogated me.

While I was still stroking, she said that we need to come up with a way for me to communicate with her during the workday if I make a mistake like this again. I said I didn't want it to happen again. She said she didn't want me to stop masturbating during the day and that sometimes boys make mistakes but she just didn't want it to happen very often. So, now I can send her an IM and tell her that I've spilled something and she'll know what I mean.

About that point, she reached over and started rubbing and stroking my cock along with me. We stroked together until I was near orgasm and I told her I was going to come. She said, "Yes you are" so I stopped holding back and came all over my belly. She said, "You may get a towel." and had me dry off her hand. Then she used her Magic Wand and brought herself off while I stroked and kissed her body.

We talked a bit more after that, but she was ready to go to sleep. She asked if I was really getting into this D/s thing. I admitted that I am thinking about it a lot and trying to figure out how it much of it could work and how much would be to much play acting. She did say again, "I don't want to be very dominant." and I just replied, "okay." I wish I'd said more. I don't want her to be more dominant than she wants to be. I also don't want her to be abusive or too aloof. I just want her to lead and to let me treat her like I did when I was wooing her.  I love her so much. 


  1. Thanks. That's good advice. I think we are going to have a talk tonight and I will focus on that.