Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Too much and not enough

I haven't posted since Thursday. No big wlm related stuff has happened since then, not one thing worth writing a post about. MissusB hasn't let me worship her ass. She hasn't used the new dildo we got, in fact she made me throw it away because it has a bad chemical odor. She hasn't pushed me to do more or better housework. Nothing major has happened.

However, so many little things have happened that there is no chance that I'll remember them all in one sitting. We made love on Saturday morning. "The usual" seems to be evolving into her getting off with the magic wand and then us making love until I come inside her. Sex feels so much more intense than it did before. I still think about asking her if I can lick her after, but am bashful and then change my mind after my orgasm. I'm still looking forward to a chance to get practice holding my orgasm back longer and for a chance to have intercourse but not be allowed to come at all. I'm not in a big hurry for these things and I try to remember that it is more important that she gets what she's looking forward to, but they hover around.

Later in the day Saturday, she asked how I'd been while I was waiting a full week to orgasm. I said I'd been fine. That's true. I think I lost some energy near the end, but I also think I can do better if I keep trying. Then she asked if I think I could go longer and gave me a wicked smile. That had a predictable effect.

We got some new foot scrub stuff which I got to try out yesterday and we both really like it. I also scrubbed her feet with a pumice stone durig her bath last nght. She said "It seems like we will be able to tell how good of a sub you are based on how soft my feet are." We talked about whether 'sub' is a word we want to use. I don't mind it, but I don't think she's crazy about it. I proposed 'devoted', which I like just as well. She also let me give her a footrub while we had friends over. It was pretty casual, I think, since we'd been walking all day.

This morning, I admitted that I fantasize every day about asking permission to kiss her butt after she gets out of the shower every morning, but I'm always too shy. She seemed flattered and charmed, but said she didn't have time this morning and left open the possibility of letting me some other morning.

I know there were at least a half dozen other little things she did that thrilled me or made me swell with pride at pleasing her. They are starting to feel just like normal days, which is fantastic, with the only drawback being that I have less to write in here. Today I'm doing all the laundry and giving the house a real cleaning. I think I may be waxing her legs above the knee today and doing more foot care. I'm a lucky man.


  1. If I may suggest on consuming after your orgasm... I felt the same way, I wanted to ask to do it but by the time we would get into the act I didn't want to interrupt her mood by asking for something that I didn't know how she would feel. So I found a time to talk to her about it when we weren't doing anything sexual, I told her I wanted to try it but got nervous about asking during the act so if she was OK with me doing it to tell me to do it after I had a chance to cum in her.

    More and more my wife and I spend time talking about fantasies in a non-sexual context (cuddling on the bed in the afternoons is when it usually happens) and then the ones she likes she'll either bring up again later or suggest we try the next time she's in the mood. This way, I can tell her things I want to try without putting pressure on her to do it immediately and she gets to choose when, or if, we do it.

  2. I'm sure that she would love the fact that you desire to go down on her after you have filled her with your milky seed. Very nice!! Perhaps phrase it that you are begging to clean her with your tongue ;-)