Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well, I accidentally (I swear!) left a browser window with this blog and open yesterday during the day. My wife found them.  She read everything I've written here and saw enough of smtr to see that I've been a member since January and have been writing in the forums there.

Then we had a bottle of wine and a conversation much too long to recount here. Basically, she's the best wife ever. We're not going to talk about it this weekend while she has a chance to digest a little. She's also asked that for the weekend I stop solicitous my behavior.  We'll talk again and maybe make a new, open start at wlm next week. She seems much more interested now that she understands more and acknowledged that our relationship seems already well suited to this.

Oh and I apoligized for being dishonest in hiding this from her and for being too scared to be open about it and she accepted. She also apologized for being harsh a few times lately, and explained that my 'acting weird' was stressing her out. I love her and I'm a very lucky man.


  1. Her MB - congratulations! That's certainly one way to get it out :) I'm glad that she is considering everything and I hope to hear about the beginnings of her leadership soon...

  2. Looking forward to hearing how things work out. good luck

  3. it sounds as though your wife is going to be quite understanding, you are indeed a lucky man....!!!

  4. Thanks! Unless she objects, I'll be sure to keep updating how things work out.