Monday, April 13, 2009

Ho Hum

It has been a nice week. Pretty much everything has felt comfortable and great.

My wife has asked that I learn to wax her legs so we can save the money that would go to the salon. I'm excited and a little intimidated. I gave her a few footrubs. We've been able to get the baby to sleep in her crib, so we've been able to snuggle. Oh, and we took a shower together for the first time since I can remember. With no prompting from me, my wife told me to wash the parts I most wanted to wash. That was not part of our showers last time we used to shower together regularly.

We made love Saturday morning. After much petting and caressing, she used her Magic Wand and then had me fuck her after she had been well pleased that way. I'm still working on self control during regular sex. She was enjoying herself, but didn't seem to have much patience for my attempts to slow myself down and encouraged me finish fairly quickly. Then we just lay for a little while and she held me.

We have houseguests again, so D/s interactions haven't been very overt or frequent. She did mention openly at one point that I'd been talking back a lot, which I had. It could have been played off as a joke, and I replied with a sincere apology and a promise to try harder, which may have seemed as my going along with the joke. In any case, I don't think it came across as anything odd to our guests and it was a good reminder that I need to be careful to follow her even when we're around other people.

Today, I'm back hard at work cleaning and homemaking.  

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