Thursday, September 3, 2009

The New Normal

I am attracted to stability and domestic life. I am excited and thrilled to be making changes to our relationship and to have MissusB surprising me. Still, I am looking for some feeling that I know what normal daily life is going to be like. Maybe normal life will be constant change and MissusB won't like any kind of routine. I'd welcome that, too. Having no expectation and having to take everything as it pops up is something I can get used to.

So far, we just haven't been at it long enough for me to feel like I know my way around.  That said, last night seems like as good a candidate for a "normal" night as any.

After dinner, we played with the baby and watched some TV. After the baby went to bed, we watched a little more TV while I scrubbed and massaged MissusB's feet. They are starting to feel very soft with all the lotion and rubbing. Then she had us go to bed so I could give her a back rub. I rubbed her back for some time, longer, anyway, than I averaged before FLR. Then she had me also massage her butt. I was excited already from the back rub, and getting to do extended touching of her beautiful, round, white, oiled up butt was amazing. I was panting. I had to take great effort not to bite or kiss her.

Eventually, she stopped me and rolled over to take her Magic Wand to herself.   I was told to sit cross-legged beside her and jerk myself while she did that. At one point she asked if I was close to coming. I told her I wasn't, and she said I'd better try harder then. Not too long after, I said that I could come soon. She said, "no you can't" and soon after she brought herself off.

She gave my dick a few brief squeezes and strokes and then said it was time for sleep. I was light headed, steel hard, and throbbing for relief, but I just sighed a bit and settled down. I had thought I might be allowed to come, since I've been coming on Wednesdays and Sundays so far, but wasn't too surprised. She has been saying for a few days that I've been having too many orgasms. I think I will have to be much more submissive if I want to get off very often. Needless to say, I'm very motivated today and expect to get a lot accomplished.

I'm a lucky man.


  1. wow, if that is going to be an average night, it sounds like you will be in sub heaven.

    What helped for me was to take my watch off. I found when I looked at it, I was thinking about my schedule, which was no longer important. My wife made a rule that I am not allowed to ask about any scheduling. She tells me on a need-to-know basis. It took some adjusting, but I find I now like waiting for her instruction instead of trying to constantly plan things I want to be doing.

    anyway, glad it is going well for you two.

  2. "Normal". I long ago gave up thinking what was normal.

    When my wife and I talk about wlm stuff she just says it's normal and that it's really always been like that. The only difference now is we both acknowledge it.