Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Well, last night was amazing and also disappointing.

After the baby went to bed MissusB told me to take of my clothes and join her on the couch. She said, "This won't take long," and proceeded to use her hands to edge me for what felt like quite a long time. During the course of it she also revealed some plans and ideas she's had.

She said that for the past year or so she's been enjoying some fantasies as a sort of guilty pleasure. First she mentioned 'penis torture'. Fortunately, she went on to explain that she was referring to a sort of extreme, prolonged edging, not something with pins. Then she mentioned ruined orgasms. I am pretty sure I'll be finding out more about those soon, but not too soon as I'll get back to in a moment. She explained how exciting the feeling of power is when a man it extremely turned on and can't do anything about it. All the while, she was keeping me just one stroke shy of relief.

Then she switched topics and said that she was thinking of making me wait to have an orgasm until we are ready to start trying to get pregnant again. She's already got me in a bit of a corner because of that. We are planning to start trying as soon as possible, but she is supposed to be off the birth control pill for a month so the baby would be safe from any its effects. During that month, couples are advised to use condoms or another form of birth control.  The other form of birth control MissusB has chosen is to not let me fuck her. She has still been letting me have orgasms, though. Last night she said she is thinking about not letting me have any more for basically three weeks.

Of course, I found it incredibly sexy to hear to saying these things. Part of me didn't want to say something, but I was so wound up and I want to be honest, so I told her that I want it. She didn't say right then that she was going to do it. She just teased me some more and then we went off to bed. In bed, she proceeded to use her vibrator on herself. She had me touch her first one way, then another, then another while she was buzzing herself. After a while, she told me to kneel beside her and stroke myself so she could watch. I managed to hold myself back for quite a while.  Then, as she was starting to come, I felt I was too close and stopped touching myself. While I tried to breath through, she was moaning in the way she does and I couldn't stop my orgasm, even though my penis wasn't touching anything.

She was a little disappointed and said I need to do something special for her today to make up for it. I felt guilty and sort of pathetic for not being able to do what she wanted. I promised her I'd try harder. That was when she told me I'd have plenty of time to work on it since I wouldn't be coming again until next month.

I'm a very lucky man.


  1. My wife likes the effects of that edging thing. She is busy though and has delegated the responsibility to me. I am required to do it each day for 20 minutes (3:00pm weekdays, after she is asleep on weekends). It keeps me in sub-space well and also acts as practice how not to go past my point-of-no-return.

    Let us know how it goes the next three weeks...

  2. Wow great post. i love it when Women know what's best for us.