Thursday, September 24, 2009

Checking In.

FLR stuff has been quiet and in the background lately. MissusB has been having some discomfort from a recent medical procedure. Most of her that hasn't been going to healing has been reserved for work. Also, we're considering moving house. It hasn't been totally absent, though.

A few days ago, MissusB told me that she's decided to wait an additional month before we start trying to get pregnant again. We still have no birth control in the house,  so I have no chance of actually getting into her pussy for six weeks. She did hint that I may get to come sometime before then. She said, "This way you don't know when you get to come next, and that's fun for me." Fun for us both, really.

Then the other morning, when the baby woke up early, I took the baby into another room so that MissusB could sleep in. She didn't though, she came out a little bit later and said "Did you hear me in there buzzing myself? If you had been in there, we'd totally be pregnant right now. I was crazy for it." That was a great way to start my day.

Then last night as we lay in bed before sleep, MissusB started what amounted to a mini-review. She asked about my 'job satisfaction', and how I thought I was doing in terms of efficiency. She reassured me about some things. Encouraged me to work harder in some areas. It was a great conversation. It is strange to me that I'm sure most men not in FLR would bristle at the idea of their wives frankly questioning them and offering judgement. It was a wonderful conversation.

I'm a very lucky man.

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  1. I love those conversations. I compile a journal each day and before bed tell her what is in it. It is a time for her to ensure my day is being use as she wants and to tell me things she wants to change. I look forward to this each night.