Friday, September 25, 2009


Yesterday I was having some doubts about some plans we have for moving house. MissusB was annoyed but took the time to go through the finances with me so I wouldn't worry. I trust her judgement, but I had some doubts mostly because I handle all the bills and she rarely looks at our financial information. Even so, she was right and I was just being paranoid, probably because of some past relationships with financially deranged women. It was just a sweet thing for her to do for me.

At bedtime, MissusB said she would love to have sex, but still isn't feeling up to it after her recent medical issue. I also reminded her that we have no condoms. She acted surprised, even though we'd talked about it pretty recently.  So, she decided we'd just go to bed. Once in bed, though, she was having a hard time getting to sleep and decided to use the Magic Wand vibe to get off and relax herself. While she used her right hand to guide the vibe, she grabbed my shaft with her left. Soon she was moaning and I was whimpering and thrusting. As I thrust, she just moved her had so I met no resistance no matter how I moved.

When she finished, she said she likes the little noises I make. I wasn't really aware of making noises, but ok. She also thanked me for helping her get off. Then it was time for sleep, though it took me a while to calm down enough to get any sleep.

It's now been nine days since I had an orgasm. I had to look at the blog since I stopped counting. Also, it has been a full month since I've had my penis inside her. I'm sure that we've never gone that long without fucking since the day we got together.


  1. sounds awesome.... Really. She getting off while you go to sleep frustrated. For me this is a daily goal....

    About the unconscious noises, I too make them. She only need put her hand on my chest while we are lying in bed for me to make them.

  2. the best way to "get off" is when you are both "getting off" together.