Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday Night Revelations

All things wife led are going along pretty steady and easy. I'm cleaning things. She's making the kinds of little decisions we might have made together. For example, she's picked our Halloween costumes and just left me the job of finding the parts to make them. I guess this is more or less what I'd assumed things would be like outside the bedroom. Inside the bedroom, however, things are going a bit differently than I'd expected.

For one thing, we've been fooling around much more than we used to. For another, MissusB's new favorite thing to do seems to be edging me and taunting me the whole time. I imagined that I'd be rubbing her, licking her, and otherwise doing everything she or I could think of to please her, but so far most of our sexy times has been her doing one thing after another that drives me wild. She tells me to imagine my come spraying all over her tits or her pussy, but then assures me that I won't be doing that. She tells me how much she wants to see me come, but that even so, I'm not allowed.  Please don't think I'm complaining! I'm not! It has been amazing. The other thing I hadn't expected is that she's already revealed a few new elements to our sex life. I figured most everything would be out in the open by now, but she's still surprising me.

Friday while she was teasing me, she started to slap my balls when I got to excited. She's never hinted that she might do that. It helped me calm down at the moment. It also added even more excitement to the situation.  She very clearly was in charge.

Then last night, while she was edging me again, she said, "I can't wait until I get to do this with other people watching." I had no idea she wanted that and even less idea that she might be planning it. She says she has plans, though. I still have no idea what those plans might be or what other people she has in mind!

I wonder where else this will lead that I didn't imagine, but I am very glad that she is doing things her way.


  1. I too had several expectations about things that would occur once the WLM dynamic was in full swing. 95% of them have not. I think it is because my brain's fantasies are not the ones getting air time. Hers are. As the relationship gets more and more molded to her wants and wishes, it is like I am getting to know her more and am lucky to be in her service.

    Even though things are not going how you thought they would, I get the sense from reading that you are still more happy then without the WLM thing.

  2. I'm definitely not unhappy about how things are going at all. I'm thrilled.

    Like you said, I am glad of a chance to learn more about her. One of the things I wanted from this is to feel more confident that she is getting what she wants from me and from our relationship. I definitely get that feeling when she does things I didn't even know she'd thought about.