Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Date

Yesterday was a special occasion for MissusB and me, so we asked a friend to watch the baby while we went on a date.  It was a very subdued date. We went to a movie and came right home. But it was also thrilling and wonderful.

To start with, while she was getting dressed, MissusB had me fasten her corset for her. I guess I remember her having one, but I don't remember the last time she wore it. So, I stood behind her and did up a long series of hooks. She hadn't put any other underwear on at this point, so it was very exciting to be standing just behind her bare bottom. Once I'd finished that, she sent me away while she finished dressing.

She came out in a very sexy, sheer, close fitting, low-cut dress. Off we went. As she was parking the car, she almost always drives us whenever we go out in a car together, she asked if I'd noticed that she still wasn't wearing any panties. I hadn't, but I definitely took notice then. As we were walking to the theater, she gave me permission to touch her butt, which felt fantastic naked through her silky dress. I put my hand on the inside of her bare thigh for most of the movie and thrilled at being just inches from her bare pussy. When we'd got back into the car after, she pulled her dress up and gave me a peek. I reached over and pet her gently for a few moments while she sighed until she stopped me and pulled her dress back down and we set off for home.

The baby went to sleep just after we got back. MissusB told me to go take off my clothes and wait for her on the bed. She came in with a scotch for us to share. While I had a drink, she first hiked her dress up over her hips, then bent at the waist. After she stood up, she slowly pulled her dress over her head. She came over to the bed to have me unhook her corset. I had been incredibly turned on for some time by then. MissusB had me lay on my back and climbed on top of me. She pressed her amazing tits into my face for a minute before lowering her pussy down onto my cock. I was overwhelmed and gasped out a "thank you" and she told me right away to slow down and not to thrust.

She rode me very slowly and gently for a moment, then reached over and grabbed her vibrator. She pressed it down between us against her clit. She stayed mostly still there on top of me while she vibed herself. She had me pinching her nipples the whole time. Since she's still breastfeeding, I ended up sprayed with milk for a lot of the time. When she was about to come, she rolled off onto her back and let me lay straining  next to her while she and the vibe went the rest of the way.

After her orgasm, she asked if I wanted to fuck her. I said yes, very much and she gave me permission. I don't remember when I felt her so wet. Before long she gave me permission to come, though I hadn't asked. I could have held off some while longer. She started to pinch my nipples, though, which has long been a signal of ours that she wants to make me come right now. It was not hard to come almost immediately and I don't know if I've ever ejaculated so much at one time before.

Afterwards, she assured me that she'd been very generous just because of the special occasion and that I'd better be prepared to savor the feeling of that orgasm as it would be while before I had another. I asked if she had a schedule and she said, "not that I'm going to tell you about." We snuggled and talked about various things on our minds and finally went off to sleep.

I'm a very lucky man.


  1. lucky indeed. I love the feeling when my wife controls an evening like that and then to know you will be on a denial for awhile I bet will keep you on your best behavior. Congratulations on back into a WLM. Enjoy.

    FYI, I have a rule if my wife lets me make love to her, I am not allowed to have an orgasm at all. And then after, I am expected to go seven days w/o. This reinforces to me that sex is for her pleasure and also as a way of keeping me subservient. It burns into my thoughts how wonderful it is to make love to her and keeps the though burning for the week after since I am automatically denied.

  2. Great post, great evening. Let your wife dictate your denial, don't push for a "schedule",let her control, not you. Just a thought gained from previous experience.