Saturday, August 29, 2009

Two Bottles of Wine

MissusB and I shared a couple bottles of wine Friday night after the baby went to sleep.

Now, MissusB gives the best blowjobs I've ever had. She's also the best vaginal sex I've ever had. But when it comes to handjobs, the difference between her and the second best is just ridiculous. She is devastating with her hands.

She edged me for I don't know how long. She sucked me. She jerked me. We fucked. She kept me totally insensible. I practically screamed every time I had to tell her to stop. I begged her. I whimpered. She just taunted me on further. She had me stroke myself so she could watch while she got herself off with her Magic Wand.

After all of that, we went off to bed with me still hard and yearning. It was so fantastic, I could barely believe it. She was asleep in no time. I barely slept all night, but my sleepless thoughts worth staying awake for.

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