Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Officially On Again

MissusB and I talked again last night and assured ourselves and each other that we are ready for the risks. We think we can avoid the mistakes we made last time and we're both excited. So we decided to start again right away. My wife is a manager at work and is excited both about making me more productive by properly managing me and about having someone to manage who she respects as much as me and who will follow as eagerly as I will.

Right away she changed the rules from last time. I am no longer allowed to touch myself. Last time I was just not allowed to orgasm, but now I am not allowed to even masturbate then stop short of coming. I was surprised, and she didn't explain her reasoning at all, but that's her right.

She also assigned me a big task. She had previously mentioned that she thought I should undertake a particular web project, but I didn't take it up. Now she has ordered me to do it. I will start today by coming up with a plan and proposing a schedule. She said "I'm going to work you so hard." I'm intimidated, but I trust her completely and am sure she can get the best out of me.

Then we went to bed. She is still not feeling all that well. She asked me to pet her butt to help soothe her to sleep. I did that for some time and was very excited. Then, I guess she'd been excited by all the petting and reached over and picked up her vibrator. Now, when we weren't in a FLR, she once reached over and started to get herself off like that and it bothered me and hurt me that she didn't think to involve me at all even though I was in bed right next to her. Now it felt great. It just turned me on even more to know that she was getting the pleasure.  I stroked her arm gently while she was buzzing herself. When she came, she kissed me and said good night.

It took me a long time to fall asleep, but I was happy the whole time. She asked this morning if she'd been too mean, and I couldn't answer quickly enough that she'd been wonderfully kind. Before she left for work, she gave me a list of chores and errands for a the day and I'm excited to get to them.


  1. Congratulations..... I bet you will have the contentment that only a WLM can bring. Best wishes for you two this time around.

    About the no touching thing, I understand this is not that uncommon. The idea is the husband is not allow to ever touch himself. This way all sexual pleasure must come from the wife and as such the wife remains as the focus of the husband through an innate chemical response. Here is a story I came across about the way it could work...


  2. Wonderful news. I hope it goes the way you both want.

  3. You're on your way, well done.....!!!!