Monday, March 23, 2009

Slowing down more

My wife and I had a nice weekend. Completely vanilla, but nice. I gave her a footrub on Friday night and managed to very casually let her know that I'll give her one whenever she wants. She accepted that pretty easily. Actually, she said, "Well whenever it's practical. Not when someone else is here." Which I agreed to of course. It was nice to see that she seemed to get that I really meant whenever she felt like it. 

We made love a couple times on Saturday and it was sweet and left me feeling incredibly relaxed and sated. I also got to massage her some and spent a while not rubbing but just stroking her skin. When we first were dating, I'd spend hours at that, so it brought back a lot of romantic feelings of adoration.

We have a houseguest coming tomorrow and staying for a week, so I expect that will keep everything at this very slow pace for the time being.  I still feel good about how this going and am very hopeful that it can grow and enrich our marriage for us both.


  1. Hi i am enjoying your little blog. I am wife led as well and if you would like an invite to my blog send me an email at:

  2. I'd like to chime in and say that I'm enjoying your story as well -- it sounds like even if she doesn't want it to be an acknowledged, full-fledged WLM she definitely knows how to take what she wants. I hope to hear how this progresses to her really enjoying her status!