Friday, March 13, 2009

And onward

Wow. I am starting to think this really might happen and work out, though I'm still scared. As you read this account remember, I'm pretty much still in stealth mode. My wife hasn't openly taken command of me. I expected that yesterday would pass without much happening as far as FLR except me doing lots of housework and trying to fulfill her every desire.

Last night my wife took a bath and I was sitting next to the bath on the floor of the bathroom talking to her. She had one foot up on the edge of the tub, so I took hold of it and started rubbing it. It was pretty well calloused. She mentioned that there is a pumice stone, so I spent about fifteen minutes rubbing and scrubbing her feet. During that, she mentioned that she doesn't take great care of her feet and that she still has polish on from her last professional pedicure months ago. I couldn't pass up the chance and told her that I could give her a pedicure for our date night tonight. At first she said, "Are you kidding?" but it was as much excited as surprised. I told her I wasn't and the disbelief vanished instantly and was replaced with praise. So I get to give her a pedicure for the first time tonight! I was just crazy with excitement as I continued her foot scrub.

Then after she got out of the bath, she was very hot so she was splayed on our bed naked cooling off. She called out at some point, "I'm so hot, come here and fan me." No "please" or anything, so I came right in and fanned her for a while until she said I could stop. As soon as I was done fanning it ran and grabbed her some ice water. Right after that, she told me to do something else. I wish I could remember what it was. It was something small and practical and I did it immediately and came back to sit with her on the bed. I said with a big grin, "You're kind of bossy tonight." 
Wife: "Well you're kind of asking for it, aren't you?"
Me: "I guess I am."
At this point it was pretty clear she was a little excited.
Wife: "Did you masturbate today?"
Me: "Well. Not to orgasm."
Wife: "Masturbation and orgasm are two differnt things. Did you masturbate today?"
Me: "Yes."
Wife: "Did you regret agreeing not to orgasm without my permission."
Me (smiling): "No I didn't."
Wife: "Did you look at porn?"
Me: "Well, I looked at some cartoon porn."
Wife: "What was it of?"
Me: "It was some women sitting on some men's faces making them lick their backsides."
Wife: "Do you like that kind of thing?"
Me: "It is nice to think about sometimes."
Wife: "Go get the vibrator and use it on me."
Of course I jumped up as fast as I could!

I held the Magic Wand against her in the way she likes and sat docilely on the edge of the bed rubbing her thighs while she thrust her hips against the vibe. Eventually she started describing a fantasy where she had a great big dick and I was giving her a handjob. After a pretty short time, she took the vibrator from my hand and quickly finished herself off panting. I sat patiently and told her how hot that had been. 

I didn't make any move to touch her further or take my clothes off. Soon she told me to take off my clothes and come to her. As I started to slide into her, she said she was very hot and wet and I could feel that she was especially slippery. I asked if I could taste it. She said I should fuck her to another orgasm first. That happened quickly and she said I could taste. I licked and sucked her for a little but she said it was too much and wanted me back inside.

We made love in missionary position for a little while and I was thinking about eating her pussy once I came and I got very excited and told her I was going to come. She said "ok", very sweetly and I had the best orgasm I can remember then snuggled panting against her shoulder. I was thrilled that I still felt incredibly submissive even after the fantastic release.

Afterward, I lay next to her stroking her skin for a while as we talked. I said some things about how much I enjoyed her telling me what to do and that she could anytime. She said that she only wants to when it is sexy or when I'm doing something wrong. I let it go there in hopes that continued submission will help her feel more comfortable. I love her so much.

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