Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, I gave my wife a pedicure tonight. She was pretty bossy throughout and she seemed very grateful. I was a little less excited by it than I thought I'd be, but I was excited and I was glad to do it for her.

When we went to bed she mentioned that she'd looked up online about men giving their wives pedicures and found it was a 'mild kink' and that it was sort of D/s. She also mentioned noticing the D/s theme over the last few days. Then she went into an explanation about why she'd only want something like that to be a small occasional part of her life instead of a main theme. I acknowledged her ideas and mostly remained quiet and passive. Then the baby needed help falling asleep and I did that. When that was all over, my wife was asleep.

I laid in bed listening to her snore and trying to figure out how I feel and where to go from here and touching myself as I got hard and soft again a few times. Also I shaved my cock and balls today for the first time in a long time, so I was just enjoying that feeling.

I think that I'll just keep submitting for now and see how it goes. Her main issue was about equality and that it would be a kind of act. Both are valid points in their own way. I'm confident that we'll continute to have a fantastic marriage one way or another.

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