Saturday, March 14, 2009

I didn't sleep too well.

I guess I am more invested in this idea than I had thought. I barely slept last night because I was stuck pondering possibilities. I am still pretty hopeful. I am even considering calling my wife's mom and talking to her about it. Her parents had a very strongly wife led marriage and were totally in love right up until her mother died, and until today really, he still misses her. It would be a bit awkward conversation, though, of course.

Then, when my wife wakes up this morning she says, "I've made a decision about the cat," and proceeds to lay out a scheme of segregating our two cats that will make my days quite a bit more complicated and bring a catbox into our bedroom. She didn't ask my opinion. She just announced that she made a decision. I offered some suggestions to make it work as well as it can, but I didn't act at all like I needed to approve her decision.  This is the kind of thing that I hope she will recognize and understand that we don't need to transition to an FLR as much as we need to start treating things as they really are. I love her so much.


  1. Hi MB

    I have just read your opening entries and it sounds as though you have made a great start. I can hear Jane stirring upstairs so have to go nut will be back

  2. Hi MB

    Sorry about that, but I had to go and make breakfast for Jane.

    It sounds as though you have made a really good start to establishing a WLM. You are so lucky that you have open minded wife who ahs done some online research and already identifed that your actions and comments are suggesting a D/s relationship. She has mentioned that she would not want this all the time, but I suspect from what you have told us already that you maybe surprised about how much she will enjoy taking control. Just make sure that you don't rush things, and keep showing her what benefits there are in it for her. Make her feel special loved and adored at all times and I am sure she will respond well to being given the freedom and encouragemnet to take more control in your relationship.

    Looking forward to hearing how things develop.

  3. Thanks for reading and thanks for the encouragement. I hope you're right and I'll be sure to keep you updated.