Monday, June 22, 2009

Moving on.

Just a few weeks after we started, my wife decided that FLR wasn't working well for us. She was still somewhat upset that I'd kept a secret. We had some communication stuff to get back in shape and she felt that we were further apart than we used to be. I had to agree. I still had hope at that point that we could make it work, but she wasn't interested in putting much more effort in or holding our relationship at risk any longer and so we let it drop.

She's mentioned once or twice since then that she misses some parts, but I haven't pursued it. It is still a fantasy for me, but I'm happy with our 50/50. If she ever brings it up seriously, I'd be willing to have a long, cautious conversation about it. I'm not waiting for that, though. I'm just enjoying what we have now.

Best wishes to everyone.


  1. It's interesting to hear that so many wives seem to find the idea of being in a WLR so much pressure, I guess because 1. they don't find acting dominant natural, and 2. because thay feel pressurised into performing in a certain way. I think that you mentioned before that your wife said someting about acting out a "scene".

    I think that most wives find this very difficult to start with, especially when they see it as a "game", a "scene", or something that is just not natural.

    You have set out the idea of a WLR, you have communicated some, and your wife has commented on missing some aspects. You are both still young, you have a baby, I suspect overtime and it may take a while, but I am sure that your wife will not want to let all aspects of being in a WLM go, and therefore, you may still yet find yourself doing exactly what your wife wants.

    Good Luck

  2. Yes, good luck! Don't be too discouraged. Rome wasn't built in a day. Make your core relationship fulfilling and intimate. When the time is right you will know it. Be a loving supportive man and you'll see together the chips will fall in the right place. In building a FLM, you don't have to give up comletely on the dream. Just be patient and slow. Be happy that wherever you go to whatever degree that you will do it together and there is never any reason not to put your woman on the pedistal she deserves to be on!


  3. Currently, I too am still in a little trouble from an incident a week ago and there has been almost no reinforcement of her authority since. Just last night I was allowed to massage her feet for 90 minutes. I almost cried when she asked me to because it was the first thing in a week and I was craving it so bad. In-between I am maintaining the best I can.

  4. Try to separate sex play from reality. Sex in the bedroom, or any part of the house for that matter, is totally different from lifestyle.

    Ask your wife what she would like to enhance her well-being within your relationship, and work on that. I have written about the failure of 50/50 relationship on my blog. The conclusion was, "When nobody is in charge, it is a path to failure".