Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Heights and New Lows

I'm marking some new peaks and valleys in things with MissusB. If my memory and my skimming of this blog is correct, this is now the longest I've been made to go with out an orgasm. Really, that seems like just one small example of how we are getting more and more adjusted to FLR being a real part of our lives. I'd say that MissusB issues me an unwavering command at least a couple times every day now. Likewise, I'm moving more into a daily routine of service instead of serving primarily out of sexual longing.

Also, last night was date night. After the baby was asleep, MissusB told me to go put my clothes away and to turn up the heat and then added "You may as well get the vibrator out now." When I came back, her clothes were piled on the couch and she was wearing a bathrobe. She had me put the clothes away and bring a bowl of soapy water and a washcloth. She sat on the edge of the couch and had me wash her pussy. "All the nooks and crannies." While she watched the "Bend Over Boyfriend" video on the tv behind me. When she was all clean, I started to stroke her thighs, but she stopped me right away and said, "You're not here to stroke me." Then she turned over onto her knees and told me to wash her ass.

It is hard to describe how exciting that was for me. Of course I immediately hoped that she was going to let me lick her, but the washing was also very thrilling on its own. I've never done that before. I was very careful to be as gentle and thorough as I could and I let her know when she was all clean. After a pause where I was left with nothing to do but gaze longingly at her ass and wonder what she had in mind next, she said that I could touch her. My hands leapt to it and I was thrilled again. I didn't pet her long before she said I could kiss her. Now, she's let me do this before once or twice, but not for a long time and I've been longing for it almost daily since we started FLR.  I can honestly say, that I'd have given up all orgasms for life if she'd made that the condition of being allowed to keep my tongue up against her backside. After a while, she pulled away and turned over saying that I'd got her excited.

She asked me to finger her pussy while she vibrated herself. I ended up getting to lube her up with my mouth, which was of course another great thrill. Not long after we started this part, she stopped with the vibrator to give me some instruction on just what she wanted me to do. She corrected the position of my fingers with breathless, but unrestrained feedback. Then once she had me where she wanted me, she got the vibe back out.  This all felt fantastic for me and she looked very sexy while she worked herself up. I did have to take my hand out eventually because it was cramping, but I got to stay down between her legs to watch her have a great orgasm.  I massaged her tense legs for a bit after that.

Then she had me stand in front of her while she proceeded to almost touch me at various places below my waist. For reasons that I'll never fully understand, but which may be whiskey related, I didn't get quite hard. I had been hard for most of the earlier part of the evening, but flagged a bit when my hand was sore and didn't quite recover. After barely touching me a couple times, she said, "Ok, that's it." Then she had me sit down with her while we watched a tv show.  I went to bed more satisfied and more frustrated than I can say.

I'm a very lucky man.

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