Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday Night Revelations

All things wife led are going along pretty steady and easy. I'm cleaning things. She's making the kinds of little decisions we might have made together. For example, she's picked our Halloween costumes and just left me the job of finding the parts to make them. I guess this is more or less what I'd assumed things would be like outside the bedroom. Inside the bedroom, however, things are going a bit differently than I'd expected.

For one thing, we've been fooling around much more than we used to. For another, MissusB's new favorite thing to do seems to be edging me and taunting me the whole time. I imagined that I'd be rubbing her, licking her, and otherwise doing everything she or I could think of to please her, but so far most of our sexy times has been her doing one thing after another that drives me wild. She tells me to imagine my come spraying all over her tits or her pussy, but then assures me that I won't be doing that. She tells me how much she wants to see me come, but that even so, I'm not allowed.  Please don't think I'm complaining! I'm not! It has been amazing. The other thing I hadn't expected is that she's already revealed a few new elements to our sex life. I figured most everything would be out in the open by now, but she's still surprising me.

Friday while she was teasing me, she started to slap my balls when I got to excited. She's never hinted that she might do that. It helped me calm down at the moment. It also added even more excitement to the situation.  She very clearly was in charge.

Then last night, while she was edging me again, she said, "I can't wait until I get to do this with other people watching." I had no idea she wanted that and even less idea that she might be planning it. She says she has plans, though. I still have no idea what those plans might be or what other people she has in mind!

I wonder where else this will lead that I didn't imagine, but I am very glad that she is doing things her way.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Two Bottles of Wine

MissusB and I shared a couple bottles of wine Friday night after the baby went to sleep.

Now, MissusB gives the best blowjobs I've ever had. She's also the best vaginal sex I've ever had. But when it comes to handjobs, the difference between her and the second best is just ridiculous. She is devastating with her hands.

She edged me for I don't know how long. She sucked me. She jerked me. We fucked. She kept me totally insensible. I practically screamed every time I had to tell her to stop. I begged her. I whimpered. She just taunted me on further. She had me stroke myself so she could watch while she got herself off with her Magic Wand.

After all of that, we went off to bed with me still hard and yearning. It was so fantastic, I could barely believe it. She was asleep in no time. I barely slept all night, but my sleepless thoughts worth staying awake for.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Date

Yesterday was a special occasion for MissusB and me, so we asked a friend to watch the baby while we went on a date.  It was a very subdued date. We went to a movie and came right home. But it was also thrilling and wonderful.

To start with, while she was getting dressed, MissusB had me fasten her corset for her. I guess I remember her having one, but I don't remember the last time she wore it. So, I stood behind her and did up a long series of hooks. She hadn't put any other underwear on at this point, so it was very exciting to be standing just behind her bare bottom. Once I'd finished that, she sent me away while she finished dressing.

She came out in a very sexy, sheer, close fitting, low-cut dress. Off we went. As she was parking the car, she almost always drives us whenever we go out in a car together, she asked if I'd noticed that she still wasn't wearing any panties. I hadn't, but I definitely took notice then. As we were walking to the theater, she gave me permission to touch her butt, which felt fantastic naked through her silky dress. I put my hand on the inside of her bare thigh for most of the movie and thrilled at being just inches from her bare pussy. When we'd got back into the car after, she pulled her dress up and gave me a peek. I reached over and pet her gently for a few moments while she sighed until she stopped me and pulled her dress back down and we set off for home.

The baby went to sleep just after we got back. MissusB told me to go take off my clothes and wait for her on the bed. She came in with a scotch for us to share. While I had a drink, she first hiked her dress up over her hips, then bent at the waist. After she stood up, she slowly pulled her dress over her head. She came over to the bed to have me unhook her corset. I had been incredibly turned on for some time by then. MissusB had me lay on my back and climbed on top of me. She pressed her amazing tits into my face for a minute before lowering her pussy down onto my cock. I was overwhelmed and gasped out a "thank you" and she told me right away to slow down and not to thrust.

She rode me very slowly and gently for a moment, then reached over and grabbed her vibrator. She pressed it down between us against her clit. She stayed mostly still there on top of me while she vibed herself. She had me pinching her nipples the whole time. Since she's still breastfeeding, I ended up sprayed with milk for a lot of the time. When she was about to come, she rolled off onto her back and let me lay straining  next to her while she and the vibe went the rest of the way.

After her orgasm, she asked if I wanted to fuck her. I said yes, very much and she gave me permission. I don't remember when I felt her so wet. Before long she gave me permission to come, though I hadn't asked. I could have held off some while longer. She started to pinch my nipples, though, which has long been a signal of ours that she wants to make me come right now. It was not hard to come almost immediately and I don't know if I've ever ejaculated so much at one time before.

Afterwards, she assured me that she'd been very generous just because of the special occasion and that I'd better be prepared to savor the feeling of that orgasm as it would be while before I had another. I asked if she had a schedule and she said, "not that I'm going to tell you about." We snuggled and talked about various things on our minds and finally went off to sleep.

I'm a very lucky man.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Officially On Again

MissusB and I talked again last night and assured ourselves and each other that we are ready for the risks. We think we can avoid the mistakes we made last time and we're both excited. So we decided to start again right away. My wife is a manager at work and is excited both about making me more productive by properly managing me and about having someone to manage who she respects as much as me and who will follow as eagerly as I will.

Right away she changed the rules from last time. I am no longer allowed to touch myself. Last time I was just not allowed to orgasm, but now I am not allowed to even masturbate then stop short of coming. I was surprised, and she didn't explain her reasoning at all, but that's her right.

She also assigned me a big task. She had previously mentioned that she thought I should undertake a particular web project, but I didn't take it up. Now she has ordered me to do it. I will start today by coming up with a plan and proposing a schedule. She said "I'm going to work you so hard." I'm intimidated, but I trust her completely and am sure she can get the best out of me.

Then we went to bed. She is still not feeling all that well. She asked me to pet her butt to help soothe her to sleep. I did that for some time and was very excited. Then, I guess she'd been excited by all the petting and reached over and picked up her vibrator. Now, when we weren't in a FLR, she once reached over and started to get herself off like that and it bothered me and hurt me that she didn't think to involve me at all even though I was in bed right next to her. Now it felt great. It just turned me on even more to know that she was getting the pleasure.  I stroked her arm gently while she was buzzing herself. When she came, she kissed me and said good night.

It took me a long time to fall asleep, but I was happy the whole time. She asked this morning if she'd been too mean, and I couldn't answer quickly enough that she'd been wonderfully kind. Before she left for work, she gave me a list of chores and errands for a the day and I'm excited to get to them.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Try Again?

Hello again.

MissusB had been hinting around for a week or two about wanting to start FLR again. She asked for a footrub yesterday. It was the first one she's had since we stopped FLR in June. I didn't jump at her hints. I have been nervous since it put a lot of strain on us last time. She kept mentioning it, sort of off hand, though. Finally, yesterday I asked her if we should talk about it and we did.

She wants to be in charge because she wants things done just how she wants them done. She doesn't want to have to negotiate with me to get them done. She wants to be able to decide and then have me step up and do the work. There are sexual things that she isn't into, and that she felt pressure about. She mentioned queening, but I got the feeling there were others. I didn't feel like I was pressing, but I guess I was. She says the main sexual thing she wants is the orgasm control, which is the main thing for me, too.

She still blames herself some for it not working out before, because she didn't really 'understand her role'. Now she feels like she gets that it is about her getting her way and she shouldn't worry about being sure to meet any agenda of mine. She said part of the problem before was that it wasn't her idea. This time it is.

We aren't starting again just yet, though. She's been dealing with some health problems and that has mostly eliminated our sex life for right now anyway. She wants to keep talking about concerns we have and take some time to think it over. I think that is a great idea. I had intended to be very cautious if this ever came up again and I am trying to be, but of course I'm also very excited. I've stopped masturbating and have started feeling more motivated around the house already.

I am also going to go ahead and embrace just what a huge turn on and thrill this is for me, so I've started another blog for pictures I find and captions I make. I haven't mentioned it to MissusB yet. I will soon, so I apologize if it goes away in a hurry. There's only one post right now, but I have others nearly ready. 1050 Words