Monday, June 22, 2009

Moving on.

Just a few weeks after we started, my wife decided that FLR wasn't working well for us. She was still somewhat upset that I'd kept a secret. We had some communication stuff to get back in shape and she felt that we were further apart than we used to be. I had to agree. I still had hope at that point that we could make it work, but she wasn't interested in putting much more effort in or holding our relationship at risk any longer and so we let it drop.

She's mentioned once or twice since then that she misses some parts, but I haven't pursued it. It is still a fantasy for me, but I'm happy with our 50/50. If she ever brings it up seriously, I'd be willing to have a long, cautious conversation about it. I'm not waiting for that, though. I'm just enjoying what we have now.

Best wishes to everyone.