Friday, November 6, 2009


Not long after my last post, I more or less figured that this second attempt at FLR was over. Basically, there wasn't anything happening. I still was doing the housework, but I'm an at home dad, so that's natural. I wasn't up to my best but it was getting done.

We had some her MissusB's family in town for more than a week. Things just were not particularly anything in particular. I mentioned at one point that I had basically given up on FLR, but it was in a context where we couldn't get into it. MissusB just said, "No, you don't get to decide whether we are doing FLR or not." Then we had to continue whatever we were talking about and never got back to it. Honestly, it wasn't even on my mind.

In my mind, it was basically back to equal partners. I did hold back on masturbating assuming we'd talk things over at some point.

Then Tuesday night, as we were going to sleep, I said something about wanting to have sex just as I would have before FLR. Not pressuring, just an invitation. MissusB responded immediately, "You aren't getting any sex until this house is spotless." Just like that I was back to being hers again. We went to sleep after a chaste kiss.

Wednesday I cleaned as much and as thoroughly as I could manage in the time I wasn't taking care of the baby, but the house was definitely not spotless when MissusB got home. It was close, but there were a few things that clearly needed work. I got no dusting, sweeping, or mopping done in the bedroom, for instance, because the baby was asleep in there when I had time to clean.

I was very attentive all evening and was debating whether I should own up to my feelings that I still had work to do or whether I should take her generosity if she offered it. It didn't end up being as issue, because MissusB said it needed work but that she was sure I could get it done Thursday. Later, as we lay in bed before sleep she decided to use her Magic Wand and I got very excited. I don't think I have ever felt as desperate to slide into someone as I was at that moment. I begged and pleaded and must had no pride at all. Eventually, MissusB was busting up laughing at me, but it didn't slow me down. When she finally ordered me to settle down it was incredibly difficult to control myself.

Yesterday was Thursday. I apologized in morning, but she assured me that she had enjoyed herself and found it very sexy. I had no idea I was able to stay that excited while my wife openly laughed at me, let alone that I was married to a woman who would do it.

Again, I cleaned with nearly all the time and energy I had. While the house wouldn't have passed a strict military inspection, it was as clean as any house we've ever lived in together if not cleaner. We went out to dinner with some friends, so MissusB didn't see it until very late. She didn't offer any complaints, but made it clear we weren't going to be making love anyway.

This morning at breakfast, she mentioned a few little things she wanted to see improved today and suggested that I had good chances tonight. Friday is generally a "date night" for us anyway. These days, between the baby and not being in our twenties anymore, that often just amounts to having more than one glass of wine and maybe staying up an hour later. It means more, though, because it means that some time every week is dedicated to us as a couple. So, needless to say, I'm looking forward to a lovely night with MissusB.


  1. Thank you for sharing this update. It means a lot to me. Paul

  2. It's funny how sometimes, when you think it's all over, or your wife does not seem interested, this type of thing can happen. I think that most women, actually really do like to be in charge, to have an attentive and even obedient husband, they just don't like admitting it, or others seeing them as bossy or dominant.

    Sounds like your back on track